Not So Supermom. Why ?

Assalamualaikum wbh…

Thank you for visiting me and reading my stories. Last year, it was a good routine for me the mommy as the driver, drove kids going and back to school. It was hectic i guess. But, i love the job. I took it as responsibility from Allah swt. Inshaa Allah. 😉

I too had ups and downs in life. Feeling unsecured with no jobs or strong financial behind. I only had my beautiful husband who runs food and catering business. Wish I could help him. :'(

As sahm, I do pray a lot to Allah swt. There’s no one could help me except HIM. Allah the almighty. I pray in Dhuha prayers. Pray and hoping that Allah helps us along this thorny as roses journeys. 🌹

Supermom is someone who fight a lot for her family financially and doing all tasks at home or office. Also, the one who never gave up to upgrade her family and her life. 😀

Take care mommies. Live and love yourself too. 💘💘💘 

Woman : How She Feels Sometimes

As salam. Hi all. How is your long weekend going on? I myself just doing normal things 365 days since the day one I quit my job 5 years ago ! Very bored isnt it? Well this is my life I have to go through tougher than last previous years. Kids at school with their uniforms, books, homework… blaa blaa blaa


How i feel…

I really really dont like messy full dust house. I dont like tall grass. I dont like messy lawn. I dont like dirty garage. I dont like them.

At one time, i felt so restless tired and fed up to clean and manage all dirty messy things around me. Kitchen especially. Allah… I dont..

Those things really makes me not me. I dont know myself anymore. I dont. I dont know how to cope with all when i have no guts to do them. :'(

Sometimes the time you need to be alone or going out somewhere, u have no time to do that and always thinking about others that this that. You just cant go anywhere !

I hope there will be no more long weekend like this week. Horrible days i think. Nowhere to go, nothing to do except daily chores.…

That is how i feel.. End. Part one..

Allah knows even we just mention something in our heart…

P.S : its time to cook.. messy house ! =(

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