Spending Good Time With Our Family

As salam to all viewers readers.

Its Chinese New Year holiday and a week of school holidays. Yeay… ! Alhamdulillah. I can take a break for a while from school chaotic schedule..pheeww ! =)

Alhamdulillah for this special occasion, we celebrate my mom and father in law golden jublee anniversary its 50 years old. Wow ! On Saturday we arrived early and all family members came for private celebrations. Afternoon, then came all guests from various places. We waited until 5 p.m yes its true. Zzzzzz…


Celebrate At Dewan Banquet Siti Catering

Syukran Ya Allah…

Great food, great guests and great place to celebrate. We really enjoyed ourselves there. There were also Tahfiz pupils from around Bukit Beruntung and Bukit Sentosa. They recite prayers and Inshaa Allah. May Allah bless all who were involved in this day.

There are video interviews from all five daughters and sons including my husband. Hehe. A lot of inspirations and motivations from 50 years of relationships. I am speechless. =)


The next day (Sunday 7-2-2016) we had great private breakfast at Pullman KLCC. It was great, nice food, cozy for me but not for Damia. She was really in bad mood. I had to be more extra patience. So, tiring. Aduhai….


Damia and Me

She enjoy herself when we go upstairs to see rooms that mom and father in law stays for the night. Quite amazing view cause we were at level 28. What do you expect from city center view ? -_-

After that we went to have a look at new Ikea Cheras. For me its quite far from us. Its suitable for people from Cheras, Kajang, etc area.

We went to Ikea Damansara and manage to get this !


Raknog Trolley !



As for today Monday, we visited my mom and dad at Serendah. Food was wow ! Alhamdulillah. All goes well. Inshaa Allah… meet all and pray for everything goes well to my lil sis. Inshaa Allah coming soon, another wedding. Final one. ^___^


Damia and her rice

see ya soon…


-love to write, no ideas-

p.s : far or near we must take good care of each other relationships…and seriously.. for me the nearer the better…to visit or any emergency… Allah knows all…

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