Fast Services By Maybank Islamic Rawang

As salam and morning all.

Today, I am so happy that I have replaced my maybank debit card. Alhamdulillah. I’d really wanted to say thanks to the staffs that was so efficient and fast.


Maybank Platinum Debit Card

They ask what is our main things to do at the bank. When I said to replace my lost debit card, immediately they ask for IC.

Then they gave the queue numbers. Wait for them to call. They have special desk for special task. Cheque book collections, replace or new card, I think most of the banks did this.. right. But, to be efficient and verily good in time management, they have to ask what our main reason to be there.

Alhamdulillah. Just sign several documents (no filling forms needed). My card is ready. Fees for lost card RM12, deducted from account. For maybank2u, no problem we can just use it as usual. No re-registration needed. Debit card with Treats point, Mastercard, Cirrus, and Meps ready. We can use it worldwide. And, just make sure you got money in it. Cause it is a Debit Card ! =)

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