Not So Supermom. Why ?

Assalamualaikum wbh…

Thank you for visiting me and reading my stories. Last year, it was a good routine for me the mommy as the driver, drove kids going and back to school. It was hectic i guess. But, i love the job. I took it as responsibility from Allah swt. Inshaa Allah. 😉

I too had ups and downs in life. Feeling unsecured with no jobs or strong financial behind. I only had my beautiful husband who runs food and catering business. Wish I could help him. :'(

As sahm, I do pray a lot to Allah swt. There’s no one could help me except HIM. Allah the almighty. I pray in Dhuha prayers. Pray and hoping that Allah helps us along this thorny as roses journeys. 🌹

Supermom is someone who fight a lot for her family financially and doing all tasks at home or office. Also, the one who never gave up to upgrade her family and her life. 😀

Take care mommies. Live and love yourself too. 💘💘💘 

What I Bought From #mycybersale2015


Hai everyone. Looks like the cyber sale has ended. Lots of discounts and much value product have been promoted during #mycybersale. Maybe not all alert to these event. I also found about it through twitter and facebook.

I love books. So, I decided to buy some books from Buku PTS Bookcafe.


My first batch of books, received yesterday. Love love love them.


Alhamdulillah. Guess what ? I got a surprise hidden between those books. Yes, the cooking demo dvd from famous chef Hanieliza. I bought three different genre of books. They were :

1. Merantau Ke Deli by Hamka
2. Islam Di Barat, Muslim Di Timur by Zulkifli Hassan
3. The Best Students by Dr Nik Salida

Another batch of books still on the way. From another book company. Maybe, receive this Friday or next week due to poor courier services from TaQbin. Yeah.. Experience this before. Their delivery guy came by a car ! Unexpected from TaQbin… Sight ~~

Okay. Hope I enjoy reading all of them. Thanks for reading. =)

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