School is Back !

Assalam and hi to all my lovely readers.

Its Friday and its a relief cause no rushing bagai nak gila from fetching kids and sent them to school. From Monday till Thursday it is so tiring and rushing like i dont know how to describe it.


This year 2016, we have to adapt the new school session for Afiqah and Umar. Afiqah standard four now, school until 130. Then Umar (standard two) religion school until 1045. Rushing cooking for lunch, gave another two kids bath, eat and ready for Damia and Yasirah breakfast, settle the laundry, and spend time for Dhuha recite Quran for a while. My me time with colouring. All in these very limited hours before fetch Umar.

After fetch Umar, settle these three kids lunches, lunch box for Umar and set lunch for Afiqah. Going to primary school, sent Umar then wait for Afiqah. Rushing like a F1 racer, back home and gave Afiqah rest bit, lunch, change uniform, solah Zuhur… Tired eh?

Then, rush back to religion school sending Afiqah. And…. Back to house chores…


I will find little bit of my time to colour my books (even these two kids (Budak² Kecik) did not sleep or nap). Hehe..

Currently, I have my Luna Coloured Pencils and dual tips Colleen Neon 30/60. I love the smooth creamy colours. Nice easy to blend.


I added more collections, Luna Watercolors 48.  Really good bargain and discounts. And, sewn rolls for it. Aahh…comfortable home for them.


Left : Luna Watercolour Upper : Luna Coloured Pencils Right : Colleen Neon

Hihi. =)


Luna Watercolour Pencils with Graphite sharpener, Noris 2B pencils and a brush ! Sweet… 💗

Got several books that I bought, from website, popular mph bookstore, etc.


And, maybe this will be more coming. Hihi. Okay then..thanks for reading. Mommy at home.

-love to write-
*but not much time*

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Easy Craft : Handsew My Colour Pencil Wrap or Rolls

As Salam

Alhamdulillah.. Hope all doing well.

Since school holiday is up and I plan to do what ever I want. Travelling maybe not in the list. Well, have to save more for kids school stuffs, books, school fees, etc. Right? Plus GST of course. Hmm.

Well, I try hard not to buy things that I can do it myself. Yes. My own handsewn felt coloured pencil rolls or wrap. Love it sooo much !


Ugly ? It is crooked here there, but I did it ! Save lot of RM to buy outside. Later, i will sew for myself, kids for their colour pencils, my coloured pens and my wonderful colleen. Yeay ! Hopefully can get 2-3 rolls of the felt.

Try it out here :
*in this tutorial she used the sewing machine*

P.S : my sew machine is i jahit pakai tangan..sekian..haha so long.. Bye!

Live Life Laugh…

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