What I Bought From #mycybersale2015


Hai everyone. Looks like the cyber sale has ended. Lots of discounts and much value product have been promoted during #mycybersale. Maybe not all alert to these event. I also found about it through twitter and facebook.

I love books. So, I decided to buy some books from Buku PTS Bookcafe.


My first batch of books, received yesterday. Love love love them.


Alhamdulillah. Guess what ? I got a surprise hidden between those books. Yes, the cooking demo dvd from famous chef Hanieliza. I bought three different genre of books. They were :

1. Merantau Ke Deli by Hamka
2. Islam Di Barat, Muslim Di Timur by Zulkifli Hassan
3. The Best Students by Dr Nik Salida

Another batch of books still on the way. From another book company. Maybe, receive this Friday or next week due to poor courier services from TaQbin. Yeah.. Experience this before. Their delivery guy came by a car ! Unexpected from TaQbin… Sight ~~

Okay. Hope I enjoy reading all of them. Thanks for reading. =)

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Foodie : Eat and Dine at Burgerbyte BB

Assalamualaikum wbh

Since this morning with the very bad haze and no sun (sun shine) came out. Very bad condition for athma and people with respiratory problem. Please do take care and wear mask ya. Especially kids, mommies and preggy mommies.

Just share some dine in at Burgerbyte here Bukit Beruntung. Mild and wild taste, sauces, meat and love their menu creativity.


Chicken Chop with condiments


Burgerss with lots of yummy things


Big Sausagesss Kids Love it

I think there are quite a lot of Burgerbyte branch out there. Try them and i leave the taste to you.

Price is quite affordable and once a while you can try to eat their large portion burgers. Trending nowadays, the Burger Bakar. Right?

We, seldom ate here. Depends on our both budget, as we dont want to travel far to eat like this and most important, depends on our health. Haha.

Log on to their website for more info.
Burgerbyte website here.. !

Love to eat.

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